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As of January 2015, "Firpo Files Flashpoint" will be a new feature of this Web site, and is scheduled to appear at least once a month. It will consist of brief articles (some of them guest articles that may or may not be of a controversial nature that do not reflect my own views) considering points of interest on a variety of topics--including humor--as culled from various sources.

The more scholarly articles that I proffer are obviously subject to less than perfect conclusions. Therefore, you are welcome to examine them for yourself, and thereafter make a determination as to the soundness (or lack thereof) of my reasoning.  

Like the articles appearing in the Firpo File Newsmagazine, certain Flashpoint articles will appear in 49 languages (machine translated from English as spoken in the United States) below. Each article appears approximately one week and is archived only in English. The languages, listed in alphabetical order, are as follows: 

(1) Arabic, (2) Bosnian (Latin), (3) Bulgarian [Български], (4) Catalan (5) Chinese Simplified [中国人], (6) Chinese Traditional [中國人], (7) Croatian (8) Czech [České], (9) Danish [dansker], (10) Dutch [Nederlands], (11) Estonian [Eesti], (12) Finnish [Suomi], (13) French [Le français], (14) German [Deutsch], (15) Greek [Ελληνική], (16) Haitian Creole [Kreyòl Ayisyen], (17) Hebrew, (18) Hindi [हिंदी], (19) Hmong Daw, (20) Hungarian [A magyar], (21) Indonesian [Indonesia], (22) Italian [Italiano], (23) Japanese [日本人〔日本語〕], (24) Kiswahili, (25) Korean [한국], (26) Latvian [Latviešu], (27) Lithuanian [Lietuvių], (28) Malay, (29) Maltese, (30) Norwegian [Nordmann], (31) Persian, (32) Polish [Polski], (33) Portuguese [Português], (34) Queretaro Otomi, (35) Romanian [Roman], (36) Russian [Русский язык], (37) Serbian (Cyrallic), (38) Serbian (Latin), (39) Slovak [slovenčina], (40) Slovenian [slovenščina], (41) Spanish [Español], (42) Swedish [Svenska], (43) Thai [ภาษาไทย], (44) Turkish [Türk], (45) Ukrainian [українська], (46) Urdu, (47) Vietnamese [Tiếng Việt], (48) Welsh, (49) Yucatec Maya.


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