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Jesus' Predicts Death in Two Days

(Chapter 26, verses 1-2)


     (1) Now when Jesus had finished relating all these meaningful illustrations he told his disciples: (2) "Two more days for the Passover. That's when the Son of Man will be turned over for execution.


Religious Leaders Conspire to Murder Jesus

(Chapter 26, verses 3-5)


     (3) Then the chief priest and the elders of the people convened in high priest Caiaphas' courtyard (4) to scheme as to how they could craftily capture Jesus and kill him.  (5) [Though different ideas were proffered] they arrived at an agreement, saying: "Not at the festival. People might get all riled up and we end up with a riot on our hands."


Woman Uses Expensive Oil on Jesus

(Chapter 26, verses 6-13)


     (6) Jesus happened to be in Bethany at the house of Simon the leper (7) when a woman approached him as he was laying stretched out in a relaxed position at the table. She had costly perfumed oil with her, held in a small expensive stone jar imported from Alabastron, Egypt, in Africa. She began pouring it upon his head. (8) Upon catching sight of this the disciples became incensed and said: "What a waste! (9) This could've been sold for a lot of money to help poor people." (10) Aware of this, Jesus said to them: "Why are you guys giving this woman such a hard time? Her action toward me was a good thing. (11) Poor people will always be around for you to assist. Not so with me. (12) Understand that when this woman applied perfumed oil upon my body--stretched out here and now--she was preparing for when it's stretched out for burial in the future. (13) You can believe what I'm about to say as if it's already happened, Wherever this good news is preached in all the world, the story of what this woman did will be memorialized along with it."  


Judas Conspires with Religious Leaders

(Chapter 26, verses 14-16)


     (14) Then one of the twelve, the one named Judas Iscariot, went to the chief priests (15) and asked: "How much will you give me if I betrayed him to you?" They stipulated thirty pieces of silver. (16) So from then on he sought the right time and circumstance to betray him.


Jesus Prepares for the Passover

(Chapter 26, verses 17-19)


     (17) On the first day of the festival of unfermented cakes the disciples approached Jesus, asking: "What place do you want us to prepare for you to eat the Passover?" (18) He answered: "Go into the city, to the home of the designated man and tell him The Teacher says, ‘My date with death is near; as prearranged, I'll celebrate the Passover with my disciples at your place, just as you and I agreed.'" (19) The disciples did as Jesus instructed, and got things ready for the Passover.  


Jesus Reveals Knowledge of Betrayer

(Chapter 26, verses 20-25)


     (20) It was nightfall, and Jesus was relaxing; lounging in the peaceful atmosphere at the table with his twelve disciples. (21) Then, out of nowhere, while they were eating he said: "Guaranteed, one of you will betray me." (22) They were shocked out of their senses. "I'm not the one, am I?" each distressed man asked. (23) He replied: "He that dips his hand with mine in the bowl is the one that'll betray me. (24) Granted, the Son of Man is going to die, just as it has been written; but damned is the man through whom the Son of Man is betrayed! He would've been better off if he hadn't been born." (25) To this Judas, who was about to betray him, said: "It isn't I, is it, Rabbi?" He said: "It is as you said."


Jesus Inaugurates Memorial Supper

(Chapter 26, verses 26-30)


     (26) As they resumed eating Jesus took a loaf, said a blessing, broke the loaf into pieces, and distributed these to his disciples. He then said: "Take this bread and eat it, for it symbolizes my body." (27) Also he took a cup and, and after having given thanks through prayer he gave it to them, saying: "Each of you drink from it; (28) because this symbolizes my ‘contractual blood,' which is poured out in behalf of many so that their sins are forgiven. (29) You can be assured that from now on I will certainly not drink wine anymore until the day comes when I drink it fresh with you in the kingdom of my Father." (30) Finally, after singing praises, they left for the Mount of Olives.


Jesus Predicts Disciples' Behavior

(Chapter 26, verses 31-35)


     (31) Jesus then said to them: "All of you will behave scandalously because of what will happen to me tonight. For Scripture says, ‘I'll strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter.' (32) But after I've been resurrected, I'll meet up with you guys in Galilee." (33) But Peter answered: "Although the others will behave scandalously because of what happens to you, I would never do such a thing!" (34) Jesus responded: "Believe what I'm about to say to you Peter: On this very night, before a cock crows, you'll be given three opportunities to say that you know me, but each time you'll deny that we ever met."  (35) Peter replied: "I'd die before I let that happen. I'd never deny knowing you!" All the other disciples said the same thing.


Jesus Selects Peter, James, and John

(Chapter 26, verses 36-39)


     (36) Then they accompanied Jesus to the place called Gethsemane where he said to them: "Have a seat while I go over there and pray." (37) However, he selected Peter and Zebedee's sons, James and John, to go with him. And as they walked he started to suffer introspective anguish, and to be tormented internally. (38) Then he said to them: "My soul, on the brink of death, is in very sore straits. Stay here, keep awake, and be watchful with me." (39) And taking a few steps forward he fell on his face, praying and saying: "My Father, if there is another circumstance under which I could die other than drinking the bitter cup of blasphemous lies that'll be thrust at me, please, let that happen. Yet, not as I will, but as you will."   


Jesus Troubled, Offers Intense

Prayer as Disciples Sleep

(Chapter 26, verses 40-47)


     (40) And he came to the disciples and discovered them sleeping and said to Peter: "You men aren't strong enough to fight sleep for one hour with me? (41) Stay awake, always praying that you might not be tempted. For though the spirit is ready, willing, and able, the flesh does not have the strength to match it." (42) Again, he stepped away from the disciples a second time and prayed, saying: "My Father, if it's impossible to make the bitter cup of blasphemous lies I am to drink pass away, let it be as you will."  (43) And he came to them again only to discover that they were in a deep sleep. The weight of their eyelids was too heavy to handle. (44) So leaving them undisturbed, he stepped away again and prayed the same prayer yet a third time. (45) Then he returned to the disciples, aroused them with a loud voice, and said: "I can't believe you're sleeping and resting at a critical time like this! Understand this! It's almost time for the Son of Man to be betrayed and arrested by Gentile sinners. (46) Get up, and let's go. Look! My betrayer approaches." (47) These words had hardly left his mouth when, look! Judas, one of the twelve, approached. There were a lot of people with him. They were carrying metal swords and wooden clubs that were issued by the chief priests and older men of the people.    


Jesus Betrayed with a Tender Kiss

(Chapter 26, verses 47-56)


     (48) Now his betrayer had given them a sign, saying: "Whoever I kiss is the man we want. Take him into custody." (49) Right then he went straight up to Jesus and said: "Rejoice, Rabbi!" and he kissed him ever so softly. (50) But Jesus said to him: "Hey man, why are you here?" Then they stepped to Jesus, grabbed him, and took him into custody. (51) But, look at that! One of those with Jesus thrust out his hand and grabbed his sword. He then wacked off the ear of the high priest's slave. (52) Jesus responded by saying: "Put that sword back! For all whose lives revolve around using it as a weapon will be killed by others just like them. (53) Don't you think that I can beseech my Father to dispatch--right now--twelve legions of angelic soldiers? (54) But if I did that, how would the Scriptures saying I'd be arrested and taken into custody be fulfilled?" (55) In that hour Jesus said to the crowds: "So you're treating me like a criminal now--a robber--coming out here with all your metal swords and wooden clubs to arrest me? When you saw me teaching every day in the temple, you didn't take me into custody then. (56) But all of this is happening in fulfillment of the prophetic Scriptures." Then the disciples ran off, leaving him to the mob.


Jesus Taken Into Custody, Peter Stealthily Follows  

(Chapter 26, verses 57-58)


     (57) Those who took Jesus into custody led him to High Priest Caiaphas where the scribes and elders had convened. (58) But Peter kept following in the shadows from a distance until he reached the courtyard of the high priest, and after entering inside, he was sitting with the butlers to see how things would pan out.


Jesus Tried, Sentenced to Death,

Abused by Police

(Chapter 26, verses 59-68)


     (59) Meanwhile, the chief priests and the entire Jewish Supreme Court were looking for false witnesses against Jesus so he could sentence to death, (60) but they found none, although many came forth. However, eventually two did present themselves (61) and said: "This man said, ‘I can demolish the temple of God itself and rebuild it in just three days.'" (62) With that the high priest shot to his feet and said to him: "What do you have to say for yourself? How do you respond to their testimony?" (63) Jesus didn't say a word. So the high priest said to him: "By the living God, I exorcise the truth out of you: tell us whether you are the Christ, the Son of God!" (64) Jesus said to him: "The answer is in your statement. Yet, I'm saying to you men, From now on, you will see the Son of man sitting at the right hand of power and coming on the clouds of heaven." (65) Then the high priest ripped his outer layer of clothes, saying: "He has blasphemed! What do we need witnesses for now? See! Now you all heard the blasphemy. (66) What's your verdict? They answered: "Death sentence." (67) Then they spit in his face and punched him with their fists. Others slapped him open-handed in the face, (68) saying: "Prophesy to us you Christ. Which one of us hit you?"


Peter Thrice Denies Jesus

(Chapter 26, verses 69-75)


     (69) Meanwhile, Peter was sitting outside in the courtyard. That's when a servant girl confronted him, accusing: "You're a friend of Jesus the Galilean!" (70) But he denied it in front of everybody saying: "I don't know what you're talking about." (71) [Feeling anxious he left the courtyard and went out to the gatehouse.] After arriving there another girl recognized him and said to everyone there: "This man is a friend of Jesus the Nazarene." (72) And again he denied it, this time with a validating oath: "I don't know the man!" (73) After some time pass those standing around grew more suspicious. They approached Peter and said: "Without a doubt, you are one of Jesus' friends, for, like him, you speak with a Galilean accent." (74) Then he began to curse demonstratively and swear with intensity: "I don't know the man!" Right after he said this a cock crowed. (75) [When he heard the cock], he remembered that Jesus said: "Before a cock crows you will disclaim me three times." Bitter in spirit, he then went outside and wailed profusely.


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