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Women View Grave

(Chapter 28, verse 1)

     (1) After the Sabbath, when the dawn ascended on the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary came to see the gravesite.


Angel Appears in Dramatic Fashion

(Chapter 28, verses 2-4)

     (2) Look, another great earthquake! This one happened when Yehowah's angel descended from heaven, approached the stone, and rolled it away. He was now sitting on it.  (3) His very essence was as sizzling as hot lightning, while his clothes were white as freezing snow![1] (4) The trembling guards were practically scared to death because of his appearance!


Angel Instructs Women

(Chapter 28, verses 5-7)

     (5) But, in answer to the women the angel said: "Don't you two be afraid, because I know you're looking for Jesus who was impaled. (6) He's not here, because he was raised up, just like he said. Come, see for yourselves where he was lying. (7) Now, go quickly and tell his disciples that he was resurrected from the dead, and, check this! He's going ahead of you into Galilee; you all will see him there. Make a note of it! I have told you."


Jesus Intercepts Women

(Chapter 28, verses 8-10)

     (8) So, hastily leaving the memorial tomb with a mixture of fear but great joy, they ran to notify his disciples. (9) And, behold! Jesus intercepted them and said: "Be joyous ladies!" They approached, caught him by his feet, and bowed before him. (10) Then Jesus said to them: "Have no fear! Go, report to my brothers so they can head for Galilee to meet me there."


Chief Priests Conspire

(Chapter 28, verses 11-15)

     (11) As the women were going off in one direction, look at that! Some of the custody guards headed in the other direction, going to the city to report to the chief priest everything that had happened.  (12) And after these met and consulted with the elders they gave the soldiers just the right amount of money (13) and said: "Say, ‘His disciples came and abducted his body at night while we were sleeping.' (14) And if the governor hears about it, we'll persuade him to pardon you. Don't worry." (15) So, they took the bribe and said exactly what they had been instructed to say; and the story of what happened spread among Jews in faraway lands everywhere.


A Resurrected Jesus Instructs Disciples

(Chapter 28, verses 16-20)

     (16) But the eleven disciples went to the Galilean mountain where Jesus had arranged for them to meet, (17) and upon seeing him they bowed low to the down, but some weren't so sure it was really him. (18) Still, Jesus approached and spoke to them, saying: "All authority has been given me in heaven and on earth. (19) Therefore, having gone out into the earth, make disciples of people of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the holy spirit[2], (20) teaching them to embrace all the things I commanded you. And, understand this! I am with you all the days it'll take for all the signs to come together, spelling the end this age.  



[1] Alternately: "He looked blazing hot and freezing cold at the same time!" or, "His countenance was of one who was blazing cold and freezing hot!"

[2] Vs. 19, holy spirit: See footnote for Matthew 1:18.